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What To Look For in a Quality Lab Bench

What To Look For in a Quality Lab Bench

A lab bench provides a surface and work space to support instrumentation. Custom workbenches offer more configurations and flexibility than older or standardized lab furniture. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we manufacture laboratory benches and tables. Here is how a quality lab bench will benefit your lab:

Reconfiguration Options

As your lab processes keep changing and expanding, you need furniture that will grow with you. Purchasing adjustable benches is beneficial in a laboratory environment, especially where expansion can be expected.

Our laboratory benches are scalable for future lab designs. Increased flexibility, organization, and mobility make them ideal for making users comfortable, and you can also reconfigure them as your requirements or programs change. 

With our adjustable benches, you can easily reconfigure your lab space to provide additional instrumentation support. You can expand into larger spaces without the need to buy new furnishings. 

Plenty of Storage

Laboratory benches can offer a lot of space for storage purposes. Lab workbenches provide easy mobility, and their height can adjust to accommodate specific instrumentation requirements, which is ideal for having preset maintenance heights and a comfortable working height while using instrumentation. You can adjust the height as needed for additional comfort.

Our laboratory benches are available in different configurations, styles, and sizes to meet the specifications of any company or lab. You can use them to support instrumentation or to conduct testing in a large workspace area. 

They also have a built-in storage space where you can store laboratory supplies. Lab workbenches have a surface for conducting various procedures, mixing chemicals, and shelving for storing glassware and other equipment. You can use them to carry out testing, store consumables and use electronic equipment with their built-in power sources. 

Durable and Efficient Layouts

Buying high-quality lab workbench means they are made of top-quality materials. By purchasing our laboratory benches, you won’t have to spend much money on future maintenance and repairs. The material will last for a long time and will need minimal maintenance. 

They come with efficient layouts to increase employee efficiency since they can get configured to match employee preferences and processes. They are not permanent as they can move and be reconfigured easily without having to call your facilities department or a contractor.

Laboratory benches can get arranged well without leaving a wasted workspace. Our lab workbenches are easy to clean, lowering the likelihood of exposure to harmful fumes, particles, and chemicals. They help to create a straightforward, clear travel path for employees which helps to boost their productivity. 


Installing a laboratory bench is affordable and fast in any lab. By purchasing our high-quality laboratory benches, you will save money in the long term. Lab environments can change fast, and the furniture should scale up and down, respectively. 

Investing in quality benches will help to save money on repairs and maintenance. Outfitting your laboratory with our benches offers a budget-friendly way to develop your lab as you plan for future growth. 

Buy a Lab Bench From OMNI Lab Solutions

OMNI Lab Solutions is committed to designing and producing solution-driven products. We have been manufacturing lab benches and tables for over three decades. 

We work with Mass Spec installation personnel and lab designers to identify and solve problems facing lab managers. With our top-quality equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of improved organization and space, scalability and flexibility, mass-spec pumps, and reduce noise in loud labs.


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