Flow Cytometry Benches

OMNI’s mobile laboratory bench systems are designed to support Flow Cytometry instrumentation and are designed with a garage for the accompanying fluidics cart, available open or enclosed with viewing panels and can even include sound dampening Sonex® panelling to reduce the noise associated with the loud built-in air compressor on some units. Our benches are designed as all-in-one mobile system to provide more space, increased mobility and allow for future flexibility and scalability within a lab environment. OMNI's Flow Cytometry bench systems support instrumentation from leading manufacturers, including BD, Beckman Coulter, Thermo Fisher and others.

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A Closer Look

Flow Cytometry Features

  • Trespa® Chemical Resistant Phenolic Work Surfaces
  • Sound Reducing “Garage” for Fluidics Cart with Built-in Air Compressor
  • Viewing Panels
  • Heavy Duty Total-Lock Casters
  • Quieter Environment
  • Increased Mobility, Flexibility & Organization