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Height Adjustable LC Carts
Basic HPLC Cart - Height Adjustable LC Carts OMNI Lab Solutions 36" wide
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Core HPLC Cart LC Carts OMNI Lab Solutions 48" wide
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Ultimate HPLC Cart LC Carts OMNI Lab Solutions 48" wide
Dual System Carts
Dual HPLC Cart - dual pc station LC Carts OMNI Lab Solutions 72" wide Dual PC Station

Mobile Chromatography Carts

OMNI’s mobile laboratory bench systems are designed for liquid chromatography either as standalone benches for HPLC and UPLC systems or as part of our LC/MS bench systems. Our benches provide flexibility, more space, increased mobility and improved accessibility, while enhancing the research process. OMNI's bench systems support instrumentation from leading manufacturers, including Agilent, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, Waters, and others.

Premium Quality + Made in the USA

Quality Construction & Materials - OMNI Mass Spec Benches are fully welded steel frames on heavy-duty total-lock casters with a 1200lb. weight capacity. The rust-resistant powder coat finish on the frame matches the color on laminate storage modules configuration within the bench. Our work surfaces are Trespa® Chemical Resistant Phenolic with a beveled edge.

Instrument benches are constructed with fully welded steel frames on heavy duty total-lock casters offering a 1200lb weight capacity per table (evely distrubuted weight). 

The lab grade epoxy powder coat finish on the frame matches the color on laminate storage modules within the bench. Side and bottom panels have a wipe-clean laminate surface over a durable wood core.

Benches include high quality thermoplastic rubber casters with a total-lock brake assembly. The brake locks both the rotation and swivel to immobilize the caster for fixed placement. Our injection molded rubber wheels are excellent for laboratory use as they provide excellent floor protection, are smooth rolling, non-marking, and provide shock absorption.

Instrument Bench work surfaces are 1" Trespa® TopLab Chemical Resistant Phenolic with a comfort beveled edge. 

Black is standard. Other colors options available.

Instrument Benches are at a fixed height of 37"H which provide a comfortable work surface while standing or seated at a lab stool. Custom heights are availble.

We offer ergonomic PC accessories by Ergotron, a trusted name in laboratory and hosipital ergonomic components. Single and dual monitor arms, keyboard trays, laptop arms, CPU holders and more are available.

Reduce Footprint

Reclaim Valuable Lab Space

The increasingly high cost of improved laboratory research and development space can limit expansion past initial development. Thus, it seems that many biotech and pharmaceutical companies are challenged with unfunded renovation and expansion of their of facilities. Needs for advanced chromatography systems are constantly changing with the fast-paced requirements for improved and efficient operations.

OMNI Lab Solutions addresses this issue by creating carts designed to support the LC System, associated waste container, CPU, Keyboard, Monitor and other related equipment with a bi-level solution. 

Our unique design positions the LC System, computer, sample preparation surface, tools and waste containment system within close proximity for easy access. In addition, a mobile bench adds flexibility to any lab layout. Benches can be placed up against a wall, with no need to leave large access aisles for future maintenance. They can be easily rolled back and forth for easy access when maintenance and repair are needed or to potentially pair with multiple Mass Spectrometry systems.

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Organization & Safety

Manage Cables & Hoses

Cable and hose management is one of the primary challenges that lab technicians and research scientists face when working with chromatography systems.

Waste line cutouts are included in all our LC Cart options. The placement and size of these specialized grommets can be customized as needed and help to protect waste lines from accidentally being moved, jostled or potentially disconnected from the systems.

The complex connectivity associated with specialized equipment can create a potential tangle of wiring and cables, a major safety concern. This can lead to trips, spills and electrical shock hazards that need to be addressed. 

By incorporating generous cable and hose grommets into the work surface and maintaining an open back design on the bench enclosure, OMNI has addressed safety concerns and provided ample access for cable organization. In addition, the mobility of the bench provides easy access to all sides, eliminating the need for service access space.

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Customization & Options

Customize Design & Size

The basic design and available features of OMNI Enclosures' Lab Benches have been endorsed by industry professionals and lab managers.

Depending on your lab’s needs, OMNI Enclosures’ Lab Benches can be built to simply support your equipment or accommodate additional requirements, both functional and aesthetic.

Standard features such as cable management address safety and access concerns. In addition, castered mobility with total-locking ability allows for the infrequent but necessary need to reconfigure lab space and service the instruments. Custom colors also available.

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No Service Access Required
Maximize Limited Lab Space with Mobile Benches
No Service Access Required
Maximize Limited Lab Space with Mobile Benches
No Service Access Required
Maximize Limited Lab Space with Mobile Benches

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