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Which Mass Spectrometry Bench Is Right for My Lab?

Which Mass Spectrometry Bench Is Right for My Lab?

If you're looking for a compact mass spectrometry bench fully customized for your lab, OMNI Lab Solutions is here to help. We have premium-quality laboratory benches and tables. Finding the best ms bench involves focusing on your lab’s needs. Here are some tips to help you find the right mass spectrometry bench for your laboratory:

Review Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are the first thing you should review when looking for mass spectrometry benches. Custom benches can help keep your lab quiet, eliminate vibration, and move around if necessary. At OMNI Lab Solutions, our mass spectrometry benches and tables have specific features optimized for modern labs. Here are some of the specifications you should look for:

  • Noise suppression module for vacuum pumps
  • Premium chemical-resistant work surface
  • Slide-out shelves and drawers 
  • Mounted ergonomic computer station
  • Outlets with surge protection
  • Heavy duty lockable casters

Our benches are solution-driven and made explicitly for mass spectrometry. We have a single or dual mobile bench system, fully scalable for any future laboratory changes. Our benches also provide enhanced flexibility, mobility, and organization. The benches provide an optimized, easy-access space for your mass spectrometer, preparation surface, computer, pumps, and printer. With an OMNI Lab Solutions ms bench, you can maximize your lab space. 

Choose Size & Work Surface Style

Mass spectrometry benches come in varying sizes and styles. The size you choose will depend on your lab's size and fixtures. We have a range of bench sizes measuring from 36 to 96 inches. All of our benches can be customized so you can find the best bench size for your lab. 

Work surface style options can affect how your lab operates. Our ms benches use black, chemical resistant phenolic countertops on all benches. You can choose to add a mounted computer display screen support arm to your work surface. A keyboard and mouse platform can also be mounted to the bench. You can combine two benches to create a larger work surface with more storage.

Check Out Our Mass Spectrometry Bench Selection

Working with a reputable mass spectrometry bench designer is the best way to find quality equipment for your lab. An experienced team understands the uses of the bench and knows which features can enhance its efficiency, functionality, and aesthetics. Working with a reliable team allows you to customize your ms bench's design, size, and features to match the needs of your lab. 

OMNI Lab Solutions has more than 30 years in the laboratory equipment business. Our focus is to provide effective equipment options for you and your lab. Our team communicates with lab designers and ms installation personnel to understand specific issues and create solutions. We collaborate with lab managers to get feedback on noise, organization, mobility, and versatility issues. 

OMNI Lab Solutions manufactures quality laboratory benches and tables. We have a wide range of size and style options if you need a premium mass spectrometry bench for your lab. You can purchase one of our standard benches or put in an order for a fully customized bench. Review our available benches and features to find the best design for your lab.

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