Mass Spectrometry Benches

OMNI’s mobile laboratory bench systems and noise reduction pump enclosures are designed for mass spectrometry with benches for LC/MS, GC/MS and accompanying HPLC systems. Our benches provide a quieter environment, more space, increased mobility, flexibility and improved accessibility, while enhancing the research process. OMNI's bench systems support instrumentation from leading manufacturers, including Agilent, SCIEX, Thermo Fisher, Shimadzu, Waters, Analytik-Jena, Bruker and others.

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A Closer Look

Mass Spec Features

  • Purpose-Designed for Mass Spectrometry
  • Noise Reducing Vacuum Pump Enclosure
  • Trespa® Chemical Resistant Phenolic Work Surfaces
  • Single or Dual Mobile Bench Systems with Heavy Duty Total Lock Casters
  • Options Include Detachable HPLC Carts with Designated Waste Container Storage and Integrated Ergonomic PC Stations
  • Increased Mobility, Flexibility & Organization
  • Scalable for Future Lab Changes