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The increasingly high cost of improved laboratory/research & development space can limit expansion past initial development. Thus, it seems that many biotech and pharmaceutical companies are challenged with unfunded renovation and expansion of their facilities. Instrumentation is constantly changing with the fast-paced developments in automation and requirements for improved and efficient operations.

Let OMNI help with a scalable master plan that you can grow into or reconfigure as equipment and laboratory workflows/processes change and adapt.

OMNI Lab Solutions improves your lab environment through engineering, design and aesthetics. Optimized labs save money, produce better science and are more fun and safe places to work. OMNI is dedicated to designing and producing solution-driven products to service a broad spectrum of client needs.

Our products are customizable & configurable to meet your unique lab needs. OMNI's Designers create mobile benches to accommodate your specific instrumentation. Our lab planners will work with you to design a space that fits your teams workflow and processes.

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We can help with a single lab bench design or a complete laboratory layout. Let us help you create a scalable and flexible lab.

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Lab Design

Let our lab designers translate your vision into a robust digital floorplan.

3D Views and Color Renderings will help you an your team visualize your space.

This hand sketched design draft was transformed into a color-coded floor plan and the renderings shown below. Final photos also shown below.


Example Project: Analytik Jena Demo Lab

Pearland, Texas - INSTALLED FALL 2020

Floor Plan

Color-Coded by Instrument

Color Renderings

Featuring Overhead Service Carrier Design

Finish Notes

Fixed Casework & Mobile Benches

Installed Space

Custom Colors to Highlight Instrumentation on Mobile MS Benches in Demo Lab

Installed Space

Fixed Casework Featuring Laminate Casework with Trespa Phenolic Worksurfaces