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What Equipment Is Used in Mass Spectrometry?

What Equipment Is Used in Mass Spectrometry?

At OMNI Lab Solutions, we provide mass spectrometry bench options that help support your lab's demands. Our team creates high-quality lab benches and equipment to house and support your precise instrumentation. Finding suitable ms bench products comes down to knowing what you need for your lab. Here is a list of the most common equipment lab managers use for mass spectrometry:

1. Noise Control Enclosures

Lab techs deal with loud pump noises as they work with mass spectrometry. OMNI has design features that work together to reduce the pump force noise. Our enclosures can lower the decibel level to 13-19dB, depending on the pump frequency. Below is a list of attributes of our noise control enclosures:

  • Anti-shock mounts to damper vibration
  • Dense wood core construction
  • Sonex sound suppression foam panels
  • Exhaust fans to get rid of heat
  • Central exhaust system to remove pollutant air
  • Grommets for hoses and collets

Our enclosures are designed to fit pumps from many brands. You can purchase freestanding noise control enclosures or merge them with an OMNI mass spectrometry bench.

2. Waste Line Cutouts

Managing cables is one of the biggest difficulties lab techs face when working with mass spectrometry systems. The multiplex connections from other equipment can mix up wires and cables. These conditions can become safety hazards and lead to spills, trips, and electric shocks.

Our team at OMNI Lab Solutions has designed waste line cutouts and added flexible cable and hose grommets onto the work surface. These features help maintain the open-back designs on mass spectrometry bench enclosures. You can find waste line cutouts in our mass spectrometry and lc benches.

3. Liquid Handlers

We create our mass spectrometry bench systems to support the auto liquid handling process. You can obtain robot-style equipment to guide you through projects. Store the equipment on your bench or purchase on of our specific liquid handler benches. Here are the top benefits of using a liquid handler OMNI mass spectrometry bench system:

  • Chemical-resistant Trespa phenolic work surface
  • Custom designs below bench tops for Z-axis work
  • Sit-stand, foolproof monitor arm with a keyboard tray
  • Mergeable CPU holder

4. Flow Cytometry

OMNI Lab Solutions has mobile lab bench systems that support the flow cytometry process. These benches have the option for an open or enclosed cart storage space to suit your lab needs. Here are some other features of flow cytometry benches:

  • Heavy-duty total lock casters
  • Sonex panels to reduce the sound from the loud air compressors
  • Trespa chemical-proof work surface 
  • Fluidics carts

Check Out Our MS Bench Products

Our team has been in the lab bench business for over 30 years. We focus on providing you with options that address your specific lab needs. OMNI Lab Solutions meets with lab managers like you to learn about the most common lab equipment issues. These meetings help us craft solutions that keep you ahead of your lab's evolving needs. 

We offer many styles and sizes of mass spectrometry benches to help your lab function efficiently. You can choose one of our standard or customized benches, or combine multiple bench styles. Check out our selection of products to find the best design for your lab. 

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