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How Are Lab Benches Different From Other Benches?

How Are Lab Benches Different From Other Benches?

A lab bench is an asset for any laboratory as it provides a surface for lab technicians to conduct their research. OMNI Lab Solutions provides benches specifically designed to meet the needs of a laboratory. Our benches have unique features that differentiate them from benches you'd typically find outside a laboratory. Here are some core differences between them.


Lab benches have more storage than many other benches as they are specially designed to help keep lab spaces clutter-free. Benches like park benches and industrial workbenches may not have as much storage space as they're primarily used for sitting and component assembly and repair. 

Storage is always a struggle for laboratories. Lab technicians tend to be more productive in well-organized spaces than in cluttered ones. Organization helps promotes efficient testing and experimentation. They're also likely to be safer as the risk of tripping and falling in a well-organized space is almost non-existent. 

OMNI Lab Solutions offers benches with in-built storage spaces to boost laboratory efficiency and safety. Our benches contain drawers, shelves, and cabinets you can use to store items like chemicals, waste containers, and experiment equipment, leaving you with enough space on which to work. 

Some also contain pump enclosures featuring sound suppression foam, dense wood, and anti-vibration mounts to reduce pump noise—they can reduce between 13-19dB of noise. Our storage solutions are flexible, so you can reconfigure them as your laboratory needs change without purchasing entirely new benches.


Lab benches are mainly made from materials resistant to hazards common in laboratories, like heat and chemical spills. Manufacturers use materials like stainless steel to guarantee these benches' durability. Other benches are typically made from everyday materials like wood or concrete as they can suffice for their uses. 

We help laboratories reduce costs by using long-lasting materials in our benches. They contain an inset steel frame and phenolic work surface. We use steel in our frames as it's non-porous and can resist corrosion, making it ideal for laboratories that work with water and harsh chemicals. Phenolic is an excellent option for a work surface as it can resist chemicals and withstand extreme temperatures.

Work Surface 

Lab benches' work surfaces are built especially for laboratory settings. Some benches contain built-in gas connections and power outlets, allowing lab technicians to easily access gas and power for their experiments. Other benches may lack such features as they're not designed to streamline laboratory testing and experimentation.
Our benches are designed with lab safety and easy access in mind. They contain an open-back design and hose and cable cutouts to allow easy access to the resources you need for research—the cutouts are equipped with grommets to protect your cables and hoses. These cutouts are intended for effective cable organization, which can help minimize the risk of electrical shocks and wire trips. Our benches also contain waste line cutouts to help you manage laboratory waste quickly and safely.

Invest In a Specially-Designed Lab Bench 

Lab benches differ from other benches because they're designed to meet different needs. A lab bench is meant to promote efficient scientific research, so it contains unique features that may be absent in other benches. Such features include specially-designed storage spaces and work surface cutouts. 

OMNI Lab Solutions can improve your laboratory's efficiency by supplying high-quality benches. Our benches can help you maximize limited laboratory space and keep your technicians and equipment safe. We can customize our options to meet your laboratory needs. Contact us to learn more about our lab benches and how they can support your research. 

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