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Types of Mass Spectrometry Benches We Offer

Types of Mass Spectrometry Benches We Offer

If you're looking for a mass spectrometry (MS) bench for your lab, you'll want to consider how much space you have and the features you need. OMNI Lab Solutions offers different designs to suit a wide variety of customers with our MS bench products. 

60-Inch Benches

For labs with limited space, you'll appreciate our compact 60-inch mass spectrometry bench products. We offer the Basic Bench at 60 inches wide with an open instrument table for easy access to your instruments. Another option is the Essential Bench with a closed instrument table that provides more security. The Space Saver Bench includes a support arm that can hold a flat-screen LCD to allow you to create a more compact workspace for your research. All three of these products offer the option of either a single or double pump enclosure. 

The Core ICP-MS product features an integrated PC station with a keyboard arm and CPU holder. The Core ICP-MS only offers a single pump enclosure. This model is ideal if you have limited space. It allows you to have a complete workstation in one unit. 

72-Inch Benches

If you need more workspace, we provide mass spectrometry benches that are 72 inches in width. Our Complete ICP-MS includes an enclosed instrument table and a single pump enclosure. It also features an open slide-out shelf to fit a waste container. The Core LCMS Bench is similar in design with the option of either a single or dual pump enclosure.

For a more elaborate workstation, the QExactive Bench offers a pull-out writing shelf with three drawers for files and other key items. It also includes an open waste storage enclosure like the Core LCMS Bench. With a sit-stand PC workstation and LCD flat screen with a support arm, you can complete all your tasks in one location. This can eliminate the need for multiple desks and stations in the lab.

Another option is the Total LCMS Bench, which includes the same features as the QExactive Bench. While the QExactive Bench only offers a single pump enclosure, the Total LCMS Bench gives you the option of single or dual. It also provides a closed waste storage compartment.

96-Inch Benches

For larger labs, you may like the added space of 96-inch mass spectrometry benches. The Ultimate LCMS Bench offers you the choice of a single or dual pump enclosure with a closed instrument table. It also comes with a noise suppression module and an integrated PC station. On the left side of the station is a slide-out shelf for waste storage. The Ultimate GCMS includes the same features as the Ultimate LCMS minus waste storage. 

The Ultimate Ergo MS Bench provides only a single pump enclosure while offering the same features as the other models. This enclosed system extension table features an open knee well for comfortable seating. The primary difference for this bench is that the keyboard platform is a slide rail mount under the workspace and the CPU holder is inside the knee well instead of on the outside to conserve space. 

Find Your MS Bench at OMNI Lab Solutions

With so many options available, you can rely on us to help you find the product that best fits your needs. We work with designers and installers to offer benches that solve issues that your lab manager is dealing with. For over three decades, we have been supporting labs with a wide range of quality mass spectrometry benches. We can help you obtain what you need for your lab, regardless of size or layout. Contact OMNI Lab Solutions for your mass spectrometry bench needs. 

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