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6 Common Lab Issues and How We Can Help

6 Common Lab Issues and How We Can Help

A laboratory has to operate efficiently and have high-quality lab bench surfaces for researchers to produce results. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we support laboratory work by offering purpose-built laboratory equipment. Here are common lab issues and how we can help:

1. Poor Workspace Stability 

Low-quality laboratory tables can lose their stability, especially if lab technicians place heavy equipment on them for a long time. Unstable lab tables can cause significant hazards as they're prone to falling. This can create an unsafe working environment for your lab technicians. Unstable lab tables can also cause samples and laboratory equipment to fall, resulting in dangerous spills, lost data, and expensive equipment damage. 

OMNI Lab Solutions addresses this issue by providing robust lab tables and benches. Our products feature inset frames made from high-quality steel to offer optimal sturdiness. They can support your laboratory's work, no matter how rigorous, as they can hold lab equipment like pumps and mass spectrometers without wobbling or buckling. 

2. Poor Ergonomics 

Laboratory technicians often need to stand or sit for long periods when working. This can cause discomfort, fatigue, and injuries resulting from repetitive strain. If not handled, poor ergonomics can reduce employee productivity. 

OMNI Lab Solutions considers ergonomics when creating lab tables, benches, and seating. Our products have an adjustable height feature, which allows technicians to adjust the lab equipment height to suit their needs.

3. Low-quality Workspace Surfaces

Laboratories that work with chemicals and open flames may have to deal with constant workspace damage if they have low-quality tables or benches. Chemicals can seep through low-quality workspaces, and flames can cause painful burns. This may make lab managers incur huge costs due to constant replacements of work surfaces. 

OMNI Lab Solutions offers high-quality workspaces, reducing repair or replacement costs. Our lab bench workspaces are made with Trespa phenolic resin. It's chemical and heat-resistant, making it ideal for chemical and heat-prone environments.

4. Insufficient Workspace 

Laboratories need ample workspace to facilitate efficient testing. Insufficient workspace can cause errors during experimentation as employees may not have enough space to set up and operate lab equipment. It can also make it difficult for lab technicians to work with large samples and equipment. This can limit your scope of work. 

OMNI Lab Solutions provides lab benches measuring from 18 to 72 inches. Our dual benches can extend up to 10ft, sufficient for many lab operations. We're ready to customize our products to meet your needs if you need a larger size. 

5. Inadequate Storage 

Laboratories require ample storage space for supplies, equipment, and samples. Some benches don't provide enough storage space, leaving laboratories disorganized and cluttered. This can cause cross-contamination and make locating vital items difficult for lab employees. 

OMNI Lab Solutions offers lab benches with built-in and mobile cabinets and drawers for sufficient storage. We can also offer customized storage solutions to meet your laboratory's needs. 

6. Lack of Flexibility 

Laboratories are ever-changing as they need to accommodate changing research needs. Adapting to your lab's changing needs can be challenging if you have rigid workspaces.

We provide workspaces with modular designs for increased flexibility. As your research needs change, you can assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure our workspaces. 

Get a High-quality Lab Bench From OMNI Lab Solutions 

OMNI Lab Solutions is a leading supplier of laboratory workspaces. Our lab bench surfaces, frames, and storage solutions are built with the modern laboratory in mind. We'll provide solutions to meet a wide range of workspace-related challenges. Contact us for solution-driven laboratory workspaces. 

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