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How Forensic Toxicology Labs Use Mass Spectrometry

How Forensic Toxicology Labs Use Mass Spectrometry

A forensic toxicology lab can use mass spectrometry, on a mass spec bench, to aid in criminal investigation efforts. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we offer a variety of equipment to help your lab. Here are some ways your forensic toxicology lab can use this bench: 

How Does Mass Spectrometry Science Work?

Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique that helps provide information about the chemical composition and structure of unknown substances. This technique measures the mass-to-charge ratio of ions. The data found in this process can be used to identify and quantify the compounds that are present in the sample.

Forensic toxicology labs prefer mass spectrometry testing due to its sensitive and specific nature. For cases that involve suspected drug overdose, driving under the influence, poisoning, or any unknown substance, mass spectrometry can help. This process can detect the presence of the exact substance that is present in the biological sample. Biological samples can include blood, urine, or hair.

How Can You Use the Process in Drug-Related or Poisoning Cases?

Mass spectrometry helps toxicologists differentiate between various drugs, even if they are present in trace amounts. Forensic toxicology labs can use mass spec benches from OMNI Lab Solutions in cases that are related to drugs. Law enforcement agencies can use toxicology labs to identify illegal drugs or controlled substances from suspects or victims in biological samples. This technique can identify the presence of narcotics, hallucinogens, or prescription medications, allowing law enforcement to build a case against an offender.

Mass spectrometry may also play a significant role in cases that involve suspected poisonings. When foul play is suspected, and a victim's cause of death is unclear, forensic toxicologists can use mass spectrometry to detect the presence of toxic substances in the body. This information is key in determining whether a crime has been committed, how it was done, and who may be responsible.

How Does This Process Work for Timelines?

This process can also assist in establishing accurate timelines and can help estimate when exposure to a toxin occurs. By analyzing the concentration of a substance over time, toxicologists can estimate when a drug was ingested. This information is key in reconstructing events related to crimes and supporting legal proceedings. 

How Should You Choose a Mass Spec Bench?

At OMNI Lab Solutions, we provide a variety of benches for forensic toxicology labs to choose from. These mass spec bench types include compact, basic, core, complete, and more. Each bench can provide more space and a more silent environment to work with. Increase your research process by having more space to be mobile and flexible during the mass spectrometry process. Choose a bench that fits your size requirements, accessibility requirements, and budget. 

OMNI Lab Solutions and Forensic Toxicology

At OMNI Lab Solutions, we offer a variety of products for your toxicology lab. Our mass spec benches can help provide a space for your toxicologists to perform mass spectrometry and identify foreign substances. Contact us today to learn more about each of our benches and which best suits your needs. 

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