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How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Use Mass Spectrometry?

How Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Use Mass Spectrometry?

Mass spectrometry (MS) is a powerful tool used in the pharmaceutical industry to analyze various compounds. The versatility of an efficient and economical mass spec bench makes it a valuable asset in a pharmaceutical medical research lab. Here are a few ways the pharmaceutical industry uses mass spectrometry to improve medical outcomes.

Why Mass Spectrometry Is a Powerful Tool for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mass spectrometry improves the entire drug cycle from discovery through human studies, making this technology valuable to public health discoveries. Omni Lab Solutions does its part to support this by providing mass spec benches that optimize the use of mass spectrometry in the following fields of study:

Disease Research

The need for accurate disease diagnosis methods is an ongoing concern for medical researchers. A powerful use for mass spectrometry is identifying disease pathways. Mass spectrometry helps researchers isolate biomarkers that lead to discoveries in treatment.

Advances in the sensitivity and specificity of MS imaging make it a powerful tool for diagnosing disease. The low turnaround time for MS tests is also helpful in disease research, as it can minimize the time between diagnosis and treatment creation. Several MS-based in vitro diagnostic and protein assaying techniques are in routine use by medical research professionals. MS professionals expect these research techniques to be adopted into clinical use in the future.

Pharmacokinetics and Toxicology

Mass spectrometry imaging is a powerful analytical technique that allows researchers to visualize the spatial distribution of hundreds of biomolecules simultaneously. This saves research time by tracking the progress of drugs, their metabolites, and other biomarkers at the same time. Simultaneously tracking these compounds is beneficial for the development of new drugs. Researchers can study new therapeutic agents and their by-products in their original location. They can also explore how a drug moves through the patient's body and interacts with living systems without using the radiolabeled compounds that other imaging techniques need.

One challenge in new drug research is predicting the potential for new compounds to have toxic effects on living systems. If harmful effects are detected during trials, using traditional analytical methods to identify the root cause of those effects can be difficult. The pharmacokinetic data provided by mass spectrometry imaging helps researchers identify problematic metabolites and trace their course through the body.

Production Quality Control

Mass spectrometry allows for greater quality control when producing finished drugs. MS is used to determine and verify the structure of newly synthesized drugs. This is an effective strategy for both small molecules and large proteins. A significant part of pharmaceutical quality control is verifying that the manufacturing process creates the correct compounds. Given the physical size of the materials and products involved, manufacturing pharmaceuticals on a large scale requires attention to detail. Mass spectrometry equipment helps production teams verify that scaling up from laboratory to industrial production doesn't alter the product.

Mass spectrometry is also a helpful way to identify any impurities in the product. Such impurities may arise from environmental conditions in the facility, contaminants in the raw materials, or other factors. The ability of tandem mass spectrometry to isolate the product's mass-to-charge ratio makes MS technology ideal for this purpose.

Mass Spec Bench from Omni Lab Solutions

Omni Lab Solutions produces mass spec benches that can be customized to your pharmaceutical research needs. Our benches are designed to store and support mass spectrometry instruments and related equipment efficiently. Our compact designs save floor space in the lab while helping you keep your workspace tidy and OSHA-compliant. Contact OMNI Lab Solutions today for a quote or more information on how we can help tailor your bench to your lab's needs.

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