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3 Types of Lab Benches and How They’re Used

3 Types of Lab Benches and How They’re Used

Every lab needs some combination of workspace and dedicated instrument storage, making a lab bench the foundation of an effective lab environment. Lab benches can be used for sequencing, mass spectrometry, microscope stations, and flow cytometry. Omni Lab Solutions provides a selection of benches to fill your lab's unique needs.

Purpose-built Lab Benches From Omni Lab Solutions

Our lab benches provide both workspace and storage for scientific instruments. Some benches specialize in workhorse equipment like mass spectrometers and liquid handlers, while others focus on open workspace and storage solutions. Here are three versatile types of benches that help simplify laboratory research:

Mass Spectrometry Solutions

Mass spectrometry (MS) benches are designed with chemical analysis in mind. These heavy-duty benches are great for various analytical approaches, including liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS), accompanying high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems, and more. We can customize MS benches specifically for our client's needs.

Our benches are an all-in-one solution for mass spectrometry and support equipment. The available options include bench-mounted power, noise-reducing vacuum pump enclosures, and integrated waste storage solutions. Lab facilities often face space constraints, making our use of vertical space and attached storage solutions convenient for lab managers. These features minimize the footprint of your spectrometry system, help keep your staff's workspace tidy, and make the whole system easier to move around if necessary.

The efficient design of our mass spectrometry benches also optimizes your team's workflow. Workstation computers, sample preparation surfaces, and other equipment are all close by and easy to access. This saves time when shifting from one task to another and back again.

Instrument Benches

Instrument benches offer a variety of features for different equipment. Liquid handler benches have various storage options that keep consumables and tools handy. Microscope benches have ergonomic features to make sitting close to the table more comfortable. Sequencer benches have dust control features that help keep contaminants out of your tests.

Our lab benches have options that protect your staff as well. Sound-insulated storage for pumps and other loud equipment keeps lab noise down. These help keep sound levels within OSHA guidelines. Many benches also include adjustable height and ergonomic functions that may reduce the risk of joint pain and carpal tunnel among staff.

Lab Workstations

Labs need more than housing for scientific instruments and their support equipment. The technicians working in a lab also need space to prepare samples, perform experiments, and take readings. If your lab needs additional work surfaces and storage, our line of lab workstations offers what you need. 

Our workstations provide ample space for your staff to prepare samples, take readings, and perform other tasks. They feature large, chemical-resistant work surfaces and bench-mounted power options. Built-in shelving and cabinet space keep materials and equipment accessible without cluttering work surfaces. Mobile storage options keep materials neatly stowed and easily transferred from workstation to workstation.

Omni Lab Solutions Has the Lab Bench You Need

Our lab benches all feature durable steel frames with a powder coat finish that provides rust resistance and improved longevity. Many of our benches also feature heavy-duty, full-lock casters, making them easy to move when needed while still providing stable work surfaces. Our bench tops are Trespa® Chemical Resistant Phenolic with wood cores for sturdy, long-lasting work surfaces. Each lab bench also features customization options that tailor your benches to your lab's needs. Contact Omni Lab Solutions for more information or to request a quote.

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