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FAQs About Lab Benches

FAQs About Lab Benches

A lab bench can increase organization in your laboratory and reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination between experiments. OMNI Lab Solutions can provide laboratory benches designed with organization and safety in mind to boost staff productivity. Here are some lab bench FAQs:

What Is a Lab Bench?

A laboratory bench is a piece of furniture typically used in laboratories to help conduct experiments, analyze samples, and store various lab tools and equipment. OMNI Lab Solutions provides a wide range of laboratory equipment, including lab benches. Our benches are built to support optimal laboratory performance and numerous experiments.

How Do I Choose an Ideal Lab Bench?

Consider the type of work you’ll be doing, your storage needs, and the materials you work with to determine the right bench for your laboratory. We have various benches suitable for different laboratories and different functions. You can even custom order a bench from us, so you can rest assured we’ll have something for you. Our inventory features benches with pump enclosures for researchers who use mass spectrometers and storage compartments for those looking for storage solutions.

What Are Laboratory Benches Made Of?

Laboratory benches can be made from various materials, including metal, wood, and composite materials. Our benches are made from steel and phenolic resin. We use steel for our frames as it can support a lot of weight, and phenolic resin for our work surfaces as it's chemical resistant and withstands high temperatures.

What’s the Best Size for a Laboratory Bench?

Your laboratory size and desired instrumentation should determine the size of your benches. The right bench should fit seamlessly into your space and provide adequate storage for your instruments. OMNI Lab Solutions carries laboratory benches measuring 18 to 72 inches to meet different clients’ needs.

Can Laboratory Benches Be Customized?

OMNI Lab Solutions’ benches have been endorsed by lab managers as their design and features can be helpful for any laboratory. We understand some clients have unique requirements that should be met in their laboratory benches, hence our customization options. We can customize our benches to make them more functional for your space.

Are There Adjustable Laboratory Benches?

OMNI Lab Solutions offers fixed and adjustable lab benches. Fixed benches may be suitable for you if you don’t expect your lab’s architecture to change in the future. Adjustable beaches may be a good choice if you anticipate future changes. Our adjustable benches are designed to increase mobility and flexibility over a non-adjustable bench. You can move them and reconfigure their cabinetry to meet your lab’s changing needs. 

How Do I Maintain My Laboratory Benches?

Clean up chemical spills with products like isopropyl alcohol and a soft rug as soon as they occur. This can help maintain your bench’s functionality and appearance. Use mild soap and water for regular cleaning. Our team can guide you on how to care for your benches if you need further guidance.

A Reliable Lab Bench Supplier 

OMNI Lab Solutions can meet all your laboratory bench needs. We have a wide variety of benches that can fit in varying laboratory settings. Our benches are manufactured with quality materials to enhance their durability. Contact us to learn more about our laboratory benches. 

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