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5 Ways to Customize Your Omni Lab Bench

5 Ways to Customize Your Omni Lab Bench

At OMNI Lab Solutions, we provide lab bench options that can support your lab's current demands and adapt to future growth. Our team designs top-quality lab benches and tables to help organize your equipment and optimize the flow of your lab. Finding the right bench products comes down to knowing what you need for your lab. Here are five ways lab managers like you can customize an OMNI lab bench:

1. Set Up Sequencers

Our lab benches can help you handle sequencing work when sample prepping for instrumentation. They provide an all-in-one mobile system that offers more space and organization to deal with future lab growth and changes. Below are the systems our sequencers support for your lab work:

  • Ion GeneStudio S5
  • HiSeq
  • MiSeq
  • MiniSeq
  • NextSeq

Our sequencers come with dust-free storage cabinets, integrated server mounts, and chip scanner holders for easy access within your lab. The Trespa work surfaces on our OMNI sequencers resist chemicals for increased safety during lab work.

2. Use HPLC Carts

High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) carts can improve the research process as you perform lab functions like liquid chromatography (LC). They can handle work functions as part of a designated system bench or as a standalone bench. Here are the top features of these carts:

  • Bench-mounted Surge Suppressors
  • CPU Holders
  • Cutouts for Waste Lines
  • Drawer Banks With Pull-out Writing Shelves
  • Heavy-duty Total Lock Casters
  • Monitor Arms
  • Slide Out Waste Container Shelves

We create these carts to support products from many brands to help simplify your work process.

3. Set Up Microscope Stations

Lab techs may need to use microscopes to zoom in on organisms when they work in their labs. Adding a microscope station to your lab bench can contribute to your workflow. Below are some features of these stations:

  • Electronic Controls With User Presets
  • Fixed or Mobile Base Options
  • Height Alterable Work Surface
  • PC Station Add-on

These benches also have saddle shapes to help you get closer to the microscope during examination.

4. Add a Mass Spectrometry Bench

Our mass spectrometry (MS) benches are designed to work well with LC/MS and other HPLC systems. They support instruments from various manufacturers, including Agilent and SCIEX. Here are the top benefits of an MS system for your OMNI lab bench:

  • Drawer Banks With Pull-out Writing Shelves
  • Solo or Dual Bench Systems With Total Lock Casters
  • Pump Enclosures With Exhaust Fans

Adding an MS bench to your lab can help reduce noise levels from equipment pumps. You can also order them with HPLC carts, waste storage bins, and merged PC stations.

5. Use Liquid Handlers

You can customize your benches by adding liquid handlers. These automated liquid handling systems provide support for barcoding equipment, storing waste receptacles, and performing Z-axis work. Here are some features of using liquid handlers:

  • Custom Cabinet and Drawer Designs Under Bench Tops
  • Integrated CPU Mounts
  • Adjustable Monitor Arms With Keyboard Tray

This bench system also supports additional robotic functions for guiding you through lab projects and enhancing your work process.

Browse Our Solution-driven Lab Bench Products

Our team has been in the lab tech business for over 35 years. We focus on offering you the best options that address your lab's needs. OMNI Lab Solutions meets with lab managers like you to learn about the most common lab equipment issues. These meetings help us create solutions that keep you ahead of your lab's evolving needs.

We provide many sizes and styles of lab benches to help increase lab productivity. You can choose one of our benches, merge multiple bench styles, or customize your own. Check out our selection of lab bench products today to find the best design for your lab.

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