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4 Tips for Organizing Your Lab To Create More Space

4 Tips for Organizing Your Lab To Create More Space

An organized lab can improve safety by reducing the risk of errors and spills. You can also more easily access supplies and equipment within your lab bench when there is less clutter. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we manufacture purpose-designed lab benches and tables to help you intuitively use your available space. Here are four tips for organizing your lab to create more space:

1.    Utilize a Mounted Ergonomic Computer Station

A lab bench with a mounted ergonomic computer station can help reduce clutter on the surface. You can put your keyboard, coffee cup, and mouse on this stand to keep your lab organized. Our experts install a built-in CPU/UPS holder to keep the CPU/UPS off the floor and protected from dust.

We also include an LCD/flat screen support arm to hold your computer in place to free up desk space. When not in use, you can tuck away the sit-stand articulating mouse or keyboard platform to create more room on your desk. Adjust the ergonomic computer station to a desirable height to maximize space.

2.    Optimize the Waste Line Cutouts

Cables and hoses cause clutter within a laboratory which can result in slip-and-fall accidents. Our lab benches feature waste line cutouts, effective for storing cables and hoses. We install smaller cutouts for electrical outlets and oval or rectangular cutouts for organizing gas or air connections.

Our mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography benches have waste line cutouts for keeping cables and hoses out of the way. They feature open-back designs to hold cable and hose grommets, preventing wire mixups.

3.    Maximize Vertical Space

Take advantage of vertical space, such as cabinets, drawers, and shelves, to organize your lab. We can personalize the bench to include adjustable shelving to create more space. Store frequently used solutions and instruments on the reagent shelving.

Our lab benches have full extension drawers, slide-out writing shelves, and cabinets for effective storage. You can keep pipettes, gloves, and notebooks in these built-in storage spaces. The cabinets in our benches have locking mechanisms and ventilation to allow you to store glassware and chemicals. We can customize cabinets, drawers, and shelves in different sizes and shapes to help you store your lab items effectively.

4.    Choose the Right-sized Bench

These benches come in different sizes, which means you can choose one that suits your needs. Our experts can customize a bench depending on your instrumentation and available space. Combining two benches can offer you a larger work surface and ample storage.

Our dual bench systems can allow multiple researchers to work in close proximity. These benches share a central frame, minimizing the amount of floor space required for each workstation. Our dual bench systems also provide easy access to shared supplies and equipment since they have built-in storage compartments.

Invest in a Quality Lab Bench

Different features in lab benches, such as built-in storage, waste line cutout, and ergonomic computer stations, can help you store items and create more space on your work surface. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we can design a properly-sized bench that maximizes space in your lab. Contact us today to learn more about our benches.

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