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5 Tips for Organizing Your Lab Bench Work Space

5 Tips for Organizing Your Lab Bench Work Space

 we have quality and sturdy laboratory benches to meet every lab's needs.A well-organized lab bench contributes to productivity, allowing you to find the items you need quickly and easily. At OMNI Lab Solutions, Our benches are designed with shelves, drawers, and other features to keep supplies orderly and within reach. Here are five tips for keeping your laboratory bench workspace organized:

1. Declutter Regularly

A cluttered space can hinder efficiency and may even compromise safety. Declutter your lab bench workspace regularly to remove items you're not using. If you've been using a special tool for a project and no longer need it, put it away in its designated storage space. Keep only the tools and materials you need for your current experiment for ample space to work and maneuver without knocking over or misplacing items. You may also implement the one-touch rule, which refers to placing items back in their designated spot immediately after use.

2. Use Lab Bench Storage Solutions

Lab benches may come with drawers and shelves you can use to store materials. Instead of cluttering your bench with boxes and small containers, use these storage solutions to organize your workspace. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we have benches in various designs for different space and storage needs. The shelves can hold items like reagents, pipettes, and sample tubes. You can also keep frequently used liquids in small bottles on the shelves. Drawers are ideal for small items that may roll or get lost. Depending on your lab's needs, we can customize your bench with additional storage solutions.

3. Categorize and Label Your Supplies

Various supplies have similar characteristics, and grouping them can help you find a specific item more quickly. Glassware like beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders can all go in one spot. Use clear labels on all containers, such as reagent bottles, sample tubes, and storage boxes. Include information like the contents, concentration, and date of preparation. Consider using color-coded labels for different materials to help you identify them quickly. Proper labeling helps prevent mix-ups and provides fresh and accurate materials. You can organize and store your labeled supplies in one of our cabinet or drawer storage units.

4. Keep Frequently Used Items Close

You likely reach for particular materials regularly, so keep them close or in a dedicated section of your lab bench. Whether it's a timer, reagent, pipette, or lab notebook, you can quickly grab it when needed. You can get creative and make a "go kit" where you store items you frequently use in one place. This saves time as you won't need to look for each item in different spots on your bench. It can also help prevent potential accidents when you're rushing to find items or overreaching for them. Our workstations and storage units offer many suitable places to store your supplies close by, including adjustable shelving and full extension drawers.

5. Clean as You Go

Make it a habit to tidy your bench as you work. Put away items after use, dispose of waste properly, and wipe the bench surface. This saves you time in the long run and keeps your workspace neat and presentable. Cleaning can also help reduce contamination risks, as bacteria, mold, and other microbes can accumulate on your lab bench. Especially if you're working on sensitive experiments, keeping your bench clean and organized is necessary to prevent contamination. Our workstations feature chemical-resistant phenolic work surfaces for convenient cleaning.

Choose OMNI Lab Solutions for Quality Lab Benches

OMNI Lab Solutions supplies durable and flexible laboratory benches to help solve common lab space issues. Our benches are designed with storage and organization in mind, helping keep your workspace tidy and productive. We also offer customization options to accommodate your lab's specific needs. Contact us today to find a suitable bench for your laboratory.

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