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6 Lab Products We Carry

6 Lab Products We Carry

Investing in high-quality lab benches can enhance your laboratory's safety, efficiency, and productivity. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we supply quality lab equipment to help create an optimal workspace for conducting experiments and research. You’ll find everything from a standard lab bench to a flow cytometry bench in our inventory. Here are 6 of our available lab products:

1. Standard Lab Bench 

Our standard lab benches are worth considering if you’re looking for a reliable surface to perform experiments. These benches are equipped with phenolic work surfaces, which are ideal for lab environments due to their chemical and heat-resistant properties. We also offer customizable bench options and scalable designs to account for future lab growth.

2. Flow Cytometry Bench 

This is a bench intended to support flow cytometry instrumentation. Like our standard bench, it is made with a chemical-resistant phenolic work surface. It has additional customizable features like storage cabinets, drawers, and sound-dampening paneling. The bench can also support your fluidic carts in the cabinet space included underneath the work surface. This bench is ideal for lab technicians and pathologists who regularly work with flow cytometers to analyze cells. 

3. Liquid Handler Bench 

Our liquid handler bench supports automated liquid handling systems, as well as any associated equipment like pipetting systems and waste containers. This bench includes a keyboard tray and ergonomic sit-stand monitor arm to enhance lab technicians’ comfort when working with the liquid handler. Our team also customizes these benches to support additional features like barcoding and labeling equipment.

4. Microscope Station 

This product can prove useful in any laboratory that uses microscopes, as it facilitates a more comfortable microscope experience. The station offers a height-adjustable work surface to allow people of different heights to use microscopes without straining their necks and backs. It also features a saddle-shaped front, making it easier for technicians to reach the microscope. 

5. Pump Enclosure 

Our pump enclosures are designed to offer protection for your pumps and provide a quieter environment for your technicians. Pump enclosure features include:

  • Sonex Sound Suppression Foam
  • Anti-vibration Mounts
  • Interior Temperature Readers
  • Pull-out Oil Drip Pans

The noise-reducing features reduce up to 18 decibels of pump noise, which may help your lab comply with OSHA’s guidelines for daily noise level exposure.

Our pump enclosures also feature heat exhaust fans to help eliminate pump heat. We can also include a hose collet to help eliminate pollutant air from your pump enclosure. You can choose from a freestanding pump enclosure or one that is integrated within a lab bench.

6. HPLC Cart 

This product is designed to support high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) systems. It can help maximize your workspace while streamlining workflow processes. We have numerous HPLC cart options, including dual HPLC carts to support two HPLC systems and computer monitors. This may be helpful for large laboratories that conduct different experiments simultaneously. 

Find Quality Lab Benches and Tables at OMNI Lab Solutions

OMNI Lab Solutions has been offering laboratory solutions for over 35 years. We provide lab tables and benches designed to support mass spectrometry, sequencers, and more. Our products are built with scalability and flexibility in mind to support future lab growth. Contact us today for solution-driven laboratory products. 

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