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3 Lab Safety Practices

3 Lab Safety Practices

Proper lab safety practices promote a responsible work environment and may help prevent researchers from getting hurt. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we help laboratories maintain high safety standards by providing space planning services, detailing how to position your lab benches and other lab furniture. We also offer high-quality products designed to maintain safety and efficiency while meeting everyday lab needs. Here are three lab safety practices to consider for your workspace:

1. Find an Effective Lab Design 

Your lab design may impact accident rates in your space. An improper design can increase the chances of researchers bumping each other or lab equipment when moving around. This is risky as laboratories often use dangerous compounds and heavy equipment that can cause serious injuries.

At OMNI Lab Solutions, we'll help create an optimal lab layout to enhance technicians' efficiency and workplace safety. We can provide a single lab bench design if you're looking for a safe way to incorporate a new bench into your space or help you redesign your entire lab if you want to create a flexible and secure lab environment. Our design team will make sure your lab technicians have sufficient workspaces and aisles between them to reduce the risk of accidents. We can also customize our products to your laboratory's size for a seamless fit. Before implementation, we'll provide 3D visuals of your lab design to help you and your team visualize your new space and determine whether it meets your expectations. 

2. Invest in Stable Workspaces 

Low-quality workspaces may weaken over time, especially if they hold heavy equipment. Protect your team by investing in high-quality lab benches and tables. Look for heavy-duty lockable casters for movability and stability. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we maintain the highest quality standards when designing and manufacturing our products. We create standard lab benches that have fully welded steel frames and provide a 1200-pound weight capacity. Our tables and benches are also manufactured in California. This makes it easy for us to oversee production, checking that every product meets our quality and safety specifications.

3. Manage Safety Hazards 

Laboratories harbor numerous safety hazards, from power cables to chemicals. If unmanaged, cables can cause tripping and electrical shock hazards. Chemicals can spill, posing burn and fire threats for your team and facility. Mitigate potential hazards by keeping your laboratory organized. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we help with cable management by incorporating hose and cable grommets into our work surfaces. This keeps wires and cables away from foot traffic, reducing the risk of tripping hazards. Many of our benches also have waste container storage to allow you to manage waste safely. 

High-quality lab benches help mitigate chemical spills by providing plenty of storage options. Depending on your needs, you can choose between our drawer, cabinet, or combo storage units. Drawer storage units are worth considering if you handle small chemical samples, whereas cabinet units are suitable for large samples, as they contain adjustable shelving. Investing in either storage solution can help eliminate the need to keep chemicals on your work surfaces when not in use, minimizing the risk of accidental spills.

Enhance Lab Safety With Specialized Lab Bench Designs

OMNI Lab Solutions offers reliable lab bench designs to help solve noise, organization, space, and flexibility issues. We'll assess your laboratory's size and needs and recommend or customize lab benches, tables, and workstations most likely to promote team efficiency and safety. Contact us today to learn more about enhancing your lab's safety and accessibility.

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