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3 Benefits of Using a Customized or Mobile Lab Bench

3 Benefits of Using a Customized or Mobile Lab Bench

Laboratories constantly evolve, requiring lab managers to consider their spaces' future changes and growth potential when buying lab furniture. Investing in customizable lab benches can improve laboratory operations and save labs money by eliminating the need for constant lab furnishing purchases as research goals change. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we're committed to supporting laboratories' research outcomes by offering customizable and mobile bench solutions. Here are some benefits of choosing a customized or mobile lab bench:

1. Adaptability 

Laboratories often engage in various research and experiments simultaneously, requiring multiple pieces of equipment and different setups. Finding a standard bench that meets all your lab's needs can be challenging if you're in a fast-paced industry with varying research needs. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we cater to such laboratories by offering customizable lab benches manufactured to meet lab managers' specific needs. This allows you to conduct multiple studies without changing your workspace. 

We can customize your lab bench to accommodate add-ons like single or dual pump enclosures to support mass spectrometry. Our enclosures can accommodate pumps from many manufacturers, including Varian, Sogevac, Pfeiffer Vacuum, and Agilent, which makes them suitable for many laboratories. We can also add a High-performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) cart to your bench to meet your liquid chromatography needs. Our HPLC carts are detachable, so you can move them to different parts of your lab to support multiple projects. Adding components unique to your lab's needs can make it easier for you to transition from study to study. 

2. Organization 

Customized lab benches can improve cleanliness and organization in your space as they're built specifically for your lab's unique needs. At OMNI Lab Solutions, we can equip your bench with add-ons like drawers, cabinets, or combo storage units to enhance organization. Drawer storage units are suitable for storing paperwork or small items like pipettes. Cabinet units are ideal for storing more oversized items, like bulk chemical supplies. Combo units are suitable for large and small laboratory equipment and research materials. Depending on your storage needs, we can add one or multiple storage solutions to your bench. This helps you keep your equipment and research materials organized and within easy reach. Proper lab organization can enhance lab productivity by reducing the time spent looking for supplies. 

3. Optimal Space Utilization 

Proper space utilization is beneficial for a research lab's efficiency. Your lab technicians should have room to move around, and the space should promote easy equipment use and enhance collaboration with colleagues. Our customizable and mobile lab benches can help you improve the way you use your lab space. We offer benches measuring 60 to 72 inches long for different lab sizes. Our team can further reduce or increase the bench's measurements after assessing your lab size. This customization can give you sufficient room to walk around while meeting your workspace requirements. 

We can also fully integrate add-ons like storage units and pump enclosures into your bench or provide them as a mobile option depending on your space availability. The mobile bench option is suitable if you have limited space. You can move the add-ons around your lab when needed and store them elsewhere when not in use. Our team can help you determine the best bench and add-on size options for your lab after assessing your space. 

Get a Customized or Mobile Lab Bench 

OMNI Lab Solutions is a leading lab bench manufacturer with over 30 years of experience designing and producing laboratory solutions. Our time in the industry has given us unique insights into different laboratories' storage and organizational needs, making us ideal design and supply partners for many lab managers. Contact us today to learn more about our specially designed and produced products and how they can benefit your laboratory.

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