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When to Upgrade the Benches in Your Lab

When to Upgrade the Benches in Your Lab

Whether you’re running a medical facility or research center, having reliable lab benches can increase efficiency and safety. OMNI Lab Solutions provides quality benches and other lab solutions for your laboratory. If you need a customized lab bench, talk to our design team about all the features that would make your work easier. We also have pre-made equipment ready to ship.

Five Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Lab Bench

1. Visible Damage

Many lab equipment manufacturers produce robust and durable lab benches. But as time passes and your lab conducts various experiments, the bench may warp, rust, crack, or break. The damage may weaken its structure and stability, risking your safety and work accuracy. If you’ve used your bench for a while, and it’s showing signs of wear, consider replacing it. Contact OMNI Lab Solutions to get a sturdy new bench.

2. Poor Ergonomics

lab bench should feel comfortable, allowing you to work without straining your body. Poor ergonomics can lead to physical fatigue, errors in work processes, and even back pain. If you feel discomfort using your bench, you might need an upgrade. OMNI Lab Solutions can create personalized solutions to suit your specific needs. Our team can custom-design the bench with the height, tilt, and other features you need to increase efficiency and comfort.

3. Limited Storage Space

Your lab bench should offer plenty of storage space for chemicals, tools, and equipment. Whenever you need a lab spatula or test tube, you should be able to just reach out and grab it. If you’re always running out of space or have trouble organizing your supplies, it may be time for an upgrade. Modern benches offer various storage options, such as drawers and cabinets. Determine your lab’s storage space needs and contact OMNI Lab Solutions to find the perfect bench.

4. Poor Mobility

Research labs can require a lot of flexibility to accommodate different experiments. If your bench doesn’t have wheels, you may have to carry it around whenever necessary, which can be tiring and dangerous. Upgrade to a mobile bench to move around easily and avoid potential accidents. We fit our benches with heavy-duty casters that won’t damage the floor and provide smooth mobility.

5. Missing Features

Manufacturers are always coming up with innovative features to improve lab tables and benches. If you’ve been using the same bench for years, it may not have modern features to make work easier. Newer benches can offer features such as adjustable feet, anti-static surfaces, and retractable tops. Determine your desired features and contact OMNI Lab Solutions for a customized bench that meets your requirements.

6. Limited Top Space

If the top surface of your bench isn't big enough for all the equipment necessary, consider an upgrade. A crowded bench can make the area cluttered and reduce efficiency. Upgrade to a larger bench with enough space for all your tools and materials. With the extra room, you can work comfortably and boost safety.

Upgrade Your Lab Bench with OMNI Lab Solutions

The right benches can make you and your team more productive and help you avoid potential accidents. OMNI Lab Solutions has a wide selection of lab tables and benches, from standard models to custom designs. We can help you upgrade your lab with the best quality benches and other lab equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.

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